Stratus Hybrid Cloud’s based storage offers many advantages to organizations, including reliability, elasticity and cost efficiency that far exceed traditional storage architectures. However, there are significant challenges around security, access performance, and compatibility with existing IT architectures. Organizations utilize cloud storage in diverse scenarios, including branch offices, remote offices and mobile workers. That makes balancing performance, data security and manageability a real challenge that cannot be addressed by ‘one size fits all’ architecture.

The Stratus Hybrid Cloud architecture makes it possible to embrace cloud storage for a variety of deployment scenarios without having to integrate disparate technologies. It provides a mix of hardware and software options, and allows a company to balance cloud versus on-premises storage requirements.

With Stratus you can:

1463655767_button_ok  Store, back up and share files on-site and in the Cloud securely and privately

1463655767_button_ok  Backup and restore files and full disk images on servers, desktops and laptops (Windows, Linux and Mac)

1463655767_button_ok  Backup and restore your Microsoft Exchange, including single-mailbox recovery

1463655767_button_ok  Backup and sync files to the cloud, maintaining multiple snapshots

1463655767_button_ok  Share files on-site and in the cloud and on your mobile device (iOS and Android)


1463655767_button_ok  Multiple applications on a single platform: Rather than use disparate storage silos, Stratus Hybrid Cloud allows you to create cloud file sync & share, mobile collaboration, backup and Remote Office/Branch Office storage solutions using a single platform.

1463655767_button_ok  Highly cost-efficient: With cost-effective appliances and our highly optimized cloud storage infrastructure, you can deliver services at a fraction of the cost of traditional enterprise storage silos.

1463655767_button_ok  Security and authentication: Stratus Hybrid Cloud solution was build with security in mind, providing built-in AES-256 encryption, native Active Directory and LDAP integration and single sign-on, and granular role-based access controls.

1463655767_button_ok  Multiple deployment options: Optimize performance and end-user experience with our storage gateways for remote offices and branches, managed agents for laptop users, and our Mobile App for smartphone and tablet users.

1463655767_button_ok  Enterprise-grade robustness and scalability: A true multi-tenant, multi-tiered and scalable solution, supporting high-availability and load balancing, with policy-based central management that scales to tens of thousands of sites and end-users.

1463655767_button_ok  Rapid launch and deployment: The rich functionality provided by Stratus Hybrid Cloud Portal and ease of deployment and remote configuration capabilities of Stratus allow you to create and launch storage services in a matter of days, no custom development required.

Secured Healthcare Cloud
HIPAA Compliant Backup Cloud

Flexible Deployment

Stratus Hybrid Cloud allows corporate IT departments and service providers to select the right form-factor for a given deployment scenario, optimizing the user experience and cost of ownership:

1463655767_button_ok  Remote sites take advantage of Stratus High-Availability Appliance and benefit from local storage access performance, coupled with cloud-based data protection aggregated for all on-premises users.

1463655767_button_ok  Individual users install the Stratus Agents on their workstations to synchronize and share files and folders and enjoy reliable backup, both done directly to the cloud.

1463655767_button_ok  Mobile workers use the Stratus Mobile App to access and share files from smartphones and tablets.

1463655767_button_ok  Stratus Hybrid Cloud Portal aggregates cloud storage access from all end-points, appliances, agents and mobile apps. The portal ensures data consistency, maintains version history and facilitates file sharing amongst users, regardless of their access method.

Storage & WAN Optimized

Stratus Hybrid Cloud employs both global source-based de-duplication and data compression. This ensures that only incremental data changes are transferred for storage in the cloud, and that data blocks are stored only once, which dramatically reduces storage capacity needs and overall network traffic.


Unified, Centralized Management

The Stratus Hybrid Cloud gateway appliances and end-point agents are remotely managed with Stratus Hybrid Cloud Portal using a single web-based console. Template-based management, centralized monitoring, customized alerting and remote software and firmware upgrade capabilities make it easy to manage appliances of various types and sizes as well as individual end-point agents – up to tens of thousands of connected devices – with no need for on-site IT presence in remote locations.


Efficient Cloud-enabled backup for the dispersed Enterprise

Intricloud Backup is a comprehensive data protection solution for laptops, workstations and remote servers. It provides both direct-to-cloud and appliance-based hybrid modes.

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