Configuration of appliances and network.

Intricloud certified professionals will walk you through the first-time process of installing and configuring your appliances. If provided prior to shipping, your appliances will come pre-configured with your network settings to make installation easy.

Our team will provide you with Network Setup configuration guidelines for firewall ports and services that are required for all the appliances to work properly.


Software License Installation.

Intricloud supports both agent‑based and agent‑less backup and replication. Intricloud certified professionals will assist you in deploying the necessary software to protect up to three servers with QuickStart. We are also able to assist you in deploying more software licenses at an additional cost per installation.

Depending on your plan you may have a lmited amount of licenses available to protect your servers and workstations. Aditional licenses are available for purchase at any time.


Initial Backup of Servers and Data Synchronization.

When you first start protection on your servers and workstations, we initiate a full disk image of the disks’ entire contents, including operating system, configuration, applications, databases and user documents. After the initial cycle, or “base image”, the backup process is incremental and deduplicated.

The initial “seeding” of the DR repository typically requires that the entire backup images be transferred from the Appliance to the Disaster Recovery site in the cloud. This can be done via VPN connection which may take a long time or we can provide a one-time data upload via our Courier Service at a nominal cost.


Testing of Disaster Recovery and Scheduling Self-Test.

We run Disaster Recovey testing to ensure, without risk to ongoing operations, that the recovery of servers will run in the event of a disaster. The onQ Appliance itself occasionally and briefly runs a recovery node in test mode as part of an internal quality-assurance process.

In adition, Intricloud will automatically Self Test recovery nodes on a predefined schedule. These tests determine if the nodes boot properly and can communicate with the Intricloud Service. Self Test works on both the local Appliance and the Disaster Recoveyer site. Inticloud sends the test results to all subscribers.


Disaster Recovery Technical Team Certification Training

QuickStart on-line training consists of two separate sessions designed to provide you with a solid familiarity with all the appliance’s architecture and features. Additionally, we will cover some of the initial configurations, live recovery and basic problem solving techniques. Technical Team members that take part in the training will be certified as Intricloud administrators.


Create Capacity Plan, Review Best Practices and Disaster Recovery Procedures.

Intricloud alerts you when you are nearing you Appliance’s capacity when you exceed 80%. If you wait until the capacity fills up, the Appliance cannot protect that server or workstation. To prevent this, we help you create a Capacity Plan to ensure uninterrupted service of the backup and replication of your data.

Aditionally we review your local High Availability and remote Disaster Recovery Procedures to ensure they are updated to reflect the Intricloud service and adopt industry best practices.


Efficient Cloud-enabled backup for the dispersed Enterprise

Intricloud Backup is a comprehensive data protection solution for laptops, workstations and remote servers. It provides both direct-to-cloud and appliance-based hybrid modes.

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