An innovative cloud-integrated solution provides backup for servers, desktops and laptops, remote cloud backup, file synchronization and mobile collaboration, all in a single tightly integrated product, delivered at a fraction of the cost of traditional disparate solutions.

Cirrus Backup Cloud combines small footprint software agents and cloud storage services to deliver a seamless user experience that delivers the flexibility, file sharing and off-site backup capabilities of the cloud. Using advanced de-duplication and compression technologies, Cirrus ensures speedy data transfer to and from the cloud.

With Cirrus you can:

1463655767_button_ok  Store, back up and share files on-site and in the Cloud securely and privately

1463655767_button_ok  Backup and restore files and full disk images on servers, desktops and laptops (Windows, Linux and Mac)

1463655767_button_ok  Backup and restore your Microsoft Exchange, including single-mailbox recovery

1463655767_button_ok  Backup and sync files to the cloud, maintaining multiple snapshots

1463655767_button_ok  Share files on-site and in the cloud and on your mobile device (iOS and Android)

1463655767_button_ok  Consolidate storage, backup and collaboration: Fulfills all your file storage needs in a single solution, making it easier to manage your files, share them and keep them protected.

1463655767_button_ok  Comprehensive data protection: Protect laptops, desktops and servers at both file- and disk-level (“bare metal”) with a single, easy-to-manage solution. Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac platforms supported.

1463655767_button_ok  Fast, tiered recovery: Rapidly restore files or entire disk images from the local appliance, or recover from the cloud, in case of local disaster.

1463655767_button_ok  No need for on-site IT staff: If your IT is managed by a managed service provider (MSP) or a part-time IT resource, they will be able to handle your storage needs remotely.

1463655767_button_ok  Reduced Administration Overhead: With a web browser-based user interface that is accessible anywhere, you will not require a system administrator to perform simple operations such as sharing your files or restoring previous file versions from backup.

1463655767_button_ok  End-to-end security: Cirrus Backup Cloud encrypts all files before they are sent to the cloud using strong AES 256-bit encryption, and you can choose a personal password known only to you to access those files.

Secured Healthcare Cloud
HIPAA Compliant Backup Cloud

Centralized Management

Cirrus Backup Cloud Portal can remotely manage anywhere from one to thousands of connected devices for individual users and mobile workforce. It allows you to launch and manage the following applications from your cloud storage infrastructure:

1463655767_button_ok  Continuous bi-directional synchronization between users and Cirrus

1463655767_button_ok  Collaboration using shared project workspaces with user controlled permissions, and email invitations for ad-hoc access

1463655767_button_ok  Automated, bandwidth-optimized cloud backup with block-level de-duplication

1463655767_button_ok  Selective file backup and “bare metal” disk-level backup

1463655767_button_ok  Application-aware backup for Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, Active Directory, SharePoint and Hyper-V.

1463655767_button_ok  Remote access to files via standard browsers and Cirrus Backup Cloud Mobile

Storage-as-a-Service Provisioning

Create and manage group-based templates, determine storage quota, and manage backup procedures. Easily integrate with Active Directory and LDAP for user authentication, as well as third party billing and monitoring systems.


Multi-Tenancy and Multi-Tier Management

Cirrus Backup Cloud Portal supports multi-tier management, making it possible to delegate aspects of service delivery to departments using virtual instances of the Cirrus Backup Cloud Portal that act as software blades sharing the same underlying infrastructure settings, but with complete isolation. Cirrus Backup Cloud Portal allows enterprise departments or individual businesses to manage their own storage services and provisioning. Includes the option to connect each Team Portal to a customer-defined authentication system (AD/LDAP) and collaborate in team workspaces.


Efficient Cloud-enabled backup for the dispersed Enterprise

Intricloud Backup is a comprehensive data protection solution for laptops, workstations and remote servers. It provides both direct-to-cloud and appliance-based hybrid modes.

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